Wouldn’t it be great if your doctor made house calls? Imagine not having to deal with insurance companies and unclear medical bills? Well now you can! Telemedicine allows for a secure, private video consultation from the comfort of your home.

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1. You are already paying a $25-100 co-pay to see a specialist. This doesn’t even include your rising deductible!
2. Doctor visits cost you 2 hours of your time when you consider travel time and time spent in the doctor’s office. This costs the average person $50 in lost wages.
3.  Avoid frustrations of scheduling a visit, arranging a referral and waiting 3+ weeks to see the doctor.
4. You can avoid dealing with insurance companies.
5. Eliminate the cost of taking time off from work, arranging childcare, arranging travel to an office.
6. Visit from the comfort of your own home at a time of your choosing.
7. Privacy to discuss potentially embarrassing conditions.
8. Receive care from an experienced, compassionate board-certified urologist.
9. Receive the doctor’s full attention by removing interruptions and distractions from a traditional office setting. Doctor reviews information ahead of time and then focuses on you!
10. Receive direct follow-up communication and educational material from the doctor to ensure satisfaction with visit.

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Now offering urology telemedicine consultations for the residents of Alabama and Tennessee from the comfort of your home.

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