More Sex, Better Sex – The #1 Reason a Vasectomy is Right For You

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Let’s face it. Most birth control options just stink. When you’re in a committed relationship who wants to deal with condoms? Eww gross. Birth control pills and other hormones may be causing your partner bothersome side effects. IUDs can actually be dangerous to a woman’s health and require uncomfortable gynecology visits. Finally, there’s a tubal ligation. Don’t get me started on how needlessly dangerous this procedure can be for a woman. Men please never ask your woman to have a tubal ligation unless it’s an option after a C-section.

So what’s left? Well . . . a vasectomy. We’ve already discussed all of the vasectomy myths in a previous blog post. Let’s examine the #1 reason a man should consider a vasectomy. MORE FREQUENT BETTER SEX!!! Do I have your attention? Think I’m crazy or just a man fighting for a cause? Let’s dive into this a little deeper.

There’s actual some science behind this bold statement:

A recent study showed that 12.4 percent of men reported having more sex after a vasectomy. In addition, these men also reported better erectile function, better orgasms, more sexual desire and overall more sexual satisfaction.

Why would a vasectomy improve sex? Here are some of the reasons:

1. No planning necessary

You don’t have to find a condom or remember to take a birth control pill. You can have sex wherever, whenever with minimal to no risk of a pregnancy. Spontaneous sex is better sex. Just don’t forget to lock the bathroom door.

2.   Lower stress

You might not be thinking about the financial and mental stress of an unplanned pregnancy, but I bet your partner thinks about it.

3.   No more hormones

Ask some women and they’ll report that birth control pills are killing their sex drive. Hormones can decrease libido and cause moodiness, bloating and headaches. That’s in addition to the regular stresses of day-to-day life as a mom.

4. She’ll love you for it

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that there’s nothing sexier than a man taking responsibility for the family. You want to get out of the doghouse? Get a vasectomy. When you take birth control off your partner’s to-do list, it demonstrates that you value all she does for your family.

5. Your homework is . . . lots of sex

After a vasectomy you must perform a minimum of 20 ejaculations to “flush the pipes” and get rid of any swimmers left behind. When was the last time you saw a doctor and received a prescription for more sex?

What’s next? Send me an email ( and we can discuss a no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy with laughing gas. Not only will you stop worrying about an “oops baby” but she’ll think that you’re the husband of the year. 

Speaking of that prescription for more sex. My prescription pad is ready and I consider 20 ejaculations to be the bare minimum. Do you feel like the bare minimum is enough? I don’t.

Talk soon!

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